Buy or Sell your Calgary Home


If you are buying or selling your Calgary home, let Mona guide you.

With over 20 years experience Mona knows house sales, and can make this difficult period as easy for you as possible.

You need to be careful when selling your home. Doing it by yourself can save you realtor fees, but you often get what you pay for.

Use Mona to sell your Calgary Home! Here’s why:


  • Find your buying power: Based on your income and savings, Mona can refer you to the best lenders to fit your solution.
  • Resources: whilst we have a great online tool here to help you find your new home, Mona also can refer you to listings that are not actively on the market.
  • Selection: Mona can help you find the best area for your situation, and also help you assess the resale value for your home.
  • Negotiation: With Mona as your third party negotiator, she can help you get the best deal in your transaction. Her advice will give you the edge.
  • Due Dilligence: there is a lot of research that has to be done when buying or selling a home. Mona can help you find the qualified professionals for details like home inspection, and legal issues.
  • Financing: Mona can help you determine the best financing options at your disposal.
  • Home Staging: Mona can help you learn how to stage your home, or can direct you to a professional home stager so that the market value of your home is optimal.
  • Display on website: Mona’s website will feature your home and thereby set it apart from the regular MLS process. Mona has the ability to get your home up on the Internet fast.
  • Closing the Deal: Mona can help you close your real estate deal. There are many facets to making this a success, and Mona is professional, efficient, and organized so that you can close on time.